Private investigators have been a big part of movies, TV, and literature for years. Every private detective from Sherlock Holmes to Veronica Mars has enthralled us with their lives of excitement and adventure. However entertaining these fictional detectives are, they come with many misconceptions that can really affect how clients see the real thing. The following is a list of the top 5 misconceptions about private investigators in Denver:

  1. They are above the law- Private investigators have to abide by the same laws as everyone else. That means that your private investigator won’t be impersonating any police officers or trespassing on private property to solve your case.
  2. They can solve a case in 15 minutes- Fictional investigators tend to solve cases in a snap of the finger, but a real private investigator will take a lot longer. It takes time to get the full story, so adjust your expectations and be patient!
  3. Tailing someone is easy- Hollywood makes surveillance seem easy as pie, which makes many people think that they can do it on their own, but the reality is quite the opposite of easy. It takes a great deal of skill to understand how to follow someone at a safe distance.
  4. They have access to info that isn’t public- Many people assume that private investigators have access to credit information, bank accounts and other nonpublic information, but this isn’t true. While private investigators may have connections that can help them to access harder to find information, they don’t have a magic database where they can learn everything that they need to know about a person.
  5. Their lives are full of excitement and adventures- We often envision dangerous car chases and old fashioned shoot-outs when we think of private investigators, but they really spend their time gathering information in an office and sorting through evidence.