Process servers are vital to the legal system, but if you don’t have much experience with the legal system you may be unclear as to what a process server actually does. A process server delivers important legal documents to parties in a legal case, ensuring that the proper notifications have been followed and all parties are aware of the case as it pertains to them. After delivering the legal documents, a process server will file evidence with the court that the documents were delivered to the right people. Originally, police departments took care of this process themselves but there were simply too many documents to serve and not enough time for them to keep up with the task. The laws were changed to allow individuals to become process servers, and that’s one of the tasks our private investigators in Denver perform every day.

This part of the legal system is vital to any case, and if it isn’t done right or the person cannot be located, it can jeopardize the case in question. That’s why when you need a process server, you want to hire someone who thoroughly understands the laws involved and can find the parties that need to be served in a timely manner. Our┬áprivate investigators in Denver have been serving papers for years, and we also have a network of private investigators and process servers nationwide that can be put to work completing the job. No matter who you need to serve, we can find them and get the documents into their hands.

If you have a particular important or difficult job, please give Colorado Background Services a call. We’re able to serve documents that other companies find impossible. You can call us at (303)918-2051, or use the form on our website to request an appointment. We’ll get to work on your case immediately, and you can trust that we’ll get the job done and get it done right.